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A unique digital solution allows fans to cheer for the para-athletes directly at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The most significant parasport event of the last five years began on August 24 will run until September 5. With the help of the “Seyu – Together for Victory!” mobile application, supporters of the Hungarian Paralympic Team can encourage their favorite competitors from anywhere in the world.

After downloading the “Seyu – Together for Victory!” application, fan photos can be taken during the competition, which then will be presented to para-athletes on tablets and digital devices belonging to the Hungarian team in the Paralympic village.

Photos taken with Seyu are completed with encouraging messages and special frames designed for the event and each para-athlete. Fan selfies can also be shared on social media by the fan, this way also showing to the world the tremendous support that the Hungarian team receives from sport-loving people across the country. The Hungarian Paralympic Committee and the para-athletes will also proudly share their beloved fans’ supporter photos on their platforms.

“Supporting Hungarian ideas and businesses is just as important to us as the well-being of our athletes. With this cooperation, we can bring the Hungarian fans all the way to the competition venues in Tokyo, supporting the mental condition of the athletes, as messages can reach them with the help of this digital solution. Any form of support such as good wishes can mean an advantage over the opponents, for which we can only be grateful,” said László Szabó, chairman of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee.

The cooperation came to life by the joint efforts of the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, Seyu Solutions, Startup Campus, and SportTech Hungary. The main goal of the latter is to find technological innovations related to Hungarian sports and connect them with the most successful Hungarian athletes and parasport athletes, who support the companies’ entry to domestic and international markets with their experience. As a result of the joint cooperation, the parties can create value together, contributing to the continuous development of the Hungarian sports ecosystem.

Source: Budapest Business Journal


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