Smart Cities

We offer our partners a combination of expertise and knowledge with innovative technologies and developments that look into the future, aiming to modernizing cities and regions. The concept of ”intelligent city” was developed to create a constantly expanding open system, which can be easily adapted to current and future needs of cities, giving answers to technical, environmental and social challenges. The way we work, we carry out complex research along with urban development plans, as well as rehabilitation projects in existing urban structures. Research may be either general or focused on a particular field.

Hungary is one of the leading innovation ecosystems developing smart City smart infrastructure. Innovative Hungarian companies offer smart solutions that meet the technical, environmental and social challenges of a Smart City environment.

Attached you will find a catalogue of selected Hungarian Smart City solutions in the areas of Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Buildings, Smart Furniture, Smart Pedestrian Crossing, Smart Parking and Smart Access control.

Hungarian Smart City Solutions


Urban planning

  • Smart development of urban planning and Infrastructure,
  • Development, adaptation and installation of parking systems with online payment applications (via Internet and mobile phones)

Developing road networks

  • Design and construction of fixed systems track or open road, Installation of smart traffic control system
  • Mapping roads, railways and waterways, as well as surveying and monitoring their operation using 3D laser scanner technology along with the construction or customization of a complex geographic information system (GIS), to solve problems and work schedule

Planning traffic management, Public transport fleet

  • Tracking through GPS, traffic control, passenger information systems via Internet ticket
  • Mobile and other “smart” shopping solutions

Power management

  • Use of urban renewable energy sources to ensure energy measurement, Smart street lighting systems

Clean drinking water and waste water

  • Centralized monitored potable water system and wastewater treatment with the support information systems
  • wastewater treatment plants with environmental friendly features and low energy consumption
  • Utilization of sewage charge and biogas from sewage

Waste Management

  • Selective collection waste systems, recycling and energy generation from waste
  • Smart waste disposal and transfer

Environmental protection

  • Climate Protection and air quality control
  • Water and soil protection
  • Centrally monitored surveillance and warning systems

Education, Culture

  • Development of e-training modules and information systems for ‘smart’ tickets
  • Distance learning, online courses and seminars
  • Digital library, digital archives

Development of information technologies, data retention integrated support

  • Systems and IT security retention
  • Archive systems for vehicles, population and epidemics

Public safety and civil protection

  • Integrated operational centres
  • Installation and operation signaling and intervention