Information and communication technologies – ICT

Hungary’s ICT innovation potential is clearly illustrated by a large number of innovative companies that have emerged in recent years, which could be summarized in terms of the type of solutions and applications offered:

  • Mobility – IOT – M2M
  • Cybersecurity – Fraud Protection
  • Cloud Services – Big Data
  • Fintech
  • Virtual Reality
  • Text & Speech Recognition
  • Telecommunications
  • Software & Mobile apps
  • Biometric & Content Management
  • Retail (loyalty, customer service, supply chain management, e-commerce)
  • Healthcare
  • Energy Management
  • GIS & Traffic Management
  • Smart City

A large number of new and mature Hungarian companies in the ICT sector show spectacular growth prospects in the European and global markets. It is true that until recently the Greek business community had a rather vague picture of Hungary’s technological sector. As a result, it may come as a surprise that Hungary’s Electronics, Information and Communications Industry generates a net turnover of over 25 billion Euros per year! This is the industry that has proven to generate the highest added value in the Hungarian economy. Existing conditions and infrastructures have shaped a very friendly and at the same time dynamic ecosystem, which has contributed to the rapid growth of innovative enterprises in the particularly important high-tech sector. In addition, businesses in the sector are enjoying the benefits of a significant boost to their presence in the international market (with an extroversion rate exceeding 93%), thanks to Hungarian Export Promotion Agency’s (HEPA) actions.