Water Management

Water Management

The preservation of the natural cycle of water is supported by a variety of methods, technologies and solutions. We offer a wide range of systems, internationally competitive, sustainable and modern that meet the requirements of the higher environmental standards by the integrated application of technologies that have been developed by Hungarian companies and the engineering services provided by our partners.

Flood Control

  • Tanks
  • Dams
  • Movable barrages

As a result of natural conditions, the management and control of flood protection is a priority project for Hungary. The accumulated experience of the professional knowledge and the available technologies — the design and construction of reservoirs and dams, the construction and installation of mobile dams, are considered to be high priority export products, which are competitive on the international market. Engineering works are complemented by technical solutions used during flood control tasks (such as pumps and specialist plant & machinery).

Water purification

On the basis of the Hungarian engineering expertise, we have developed innovative solutions that purify groundwater, surface and marine waters that meet high physiological and technical standards, along with efficiency. Mobile container manufacturing solutions are used in agriculture, in the food industry and correspondingly in potable water and bottling.

Water consumption

  • Locating water sources
  • Geological explorations
  • Drilling

We provide solutions for the entire productive cycle water consumption of residential areas, whether it’s water resources, geological exploration or drilling. Our cleaning equipment is able to produce potable water that meets the higher standards, using groundwater or surface water (fresh and salty). The filtration equipment may be installed in any country of the world. We recommend to install the tanks and the bottling plants to use purified water resources, but the technology can also be combined directly with your local infrastructure. Measurement solutions for water consumption can be delivered through analog or digital transmission systems.

Treatment of waste water

We offer specialized expertise and knowledge for the handling of industrial, agricultural and municipal waste, including hazardous waste and rainwater. In addition to the waste water purification, it can also be used for energy production. These solutions can be installed in any part of the world without size limitations.


To protect existing water resources and to manage periods of water shortage, irrigation systems have now become more innovative in the industry. Several partners offer world-class solutions for the production of irrigation water (for example, using salty water), for water storage and secure disposal.

The devices are offered along with installed spray heads, drip, tunneling, retention with IT support.


Hungary is the country of thermal waters. Our expertise provides excellent support in spas, design and manufacture of spas and wellness bath and exploitation of geothermal energy, in conjunction with health care facilities as a related service. We have working models in agriculture, in heat supply and power generation systems.

Water Research

Research of water in Hungary, maintains a long tradition of a hundred years. We have gained extensive experience in mapping and in utilizing water resources, conducting geological surveys and managing engineering and technical programs R&D.

Energy production

Pieces of equipment which have been designed by our partners, include fixed energy stations installed in moving water and solutions of modern pots that can grow rapidly during emergencies in areas without connection to the core network and in extreme geographical locations. The installed capacity of this plant ranges from 50 kW up to several MW.