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Healthcare & Medical Sector

Hungary has excellent expertise and experience in the health and medical sector. The pride in the specific area comes from Hungarian companies being recognized in the world market of medical technology, pharmacy, innovation, research and development of biotechnology. The health and medical sector is one of the top sections of the Hungarian economyand offers high-quality innovative products with the highest quality standards.  More

Agricultural Products & Food

Agricultural production throughout the country is made without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which is reflected in a wide range of food. Tightly controlled credential systems are applied to all sectors of the industry of agriculture in Hungary. As determined by the Constitution of Hungary, it is forbidden to grow and to use genetically modified crops. Agricultural products and foodstuffs of Hungary – due to its geographic position, climatic conditions and high quality of applied technologies in the country, ranked among the best in the world. More

Smart Cities

Great know-how, innovation and expertise in technologies related to the Smart Cities and direct new investment cities and regions. The Hungarian companies in the industry offering integrated and ecological solutions. To plan our own smart cities created so it can constantly instrument of integrated system to adapt to the needs of modern cities.  More

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical industry plays an important role in the economy of Hungary. Most companies are active in the processing of metal and plastic raw materials into ready-to-use goods. The sector is export-oriented, with more than 90% of production of the enterprises working with overseas markets. More

Information & Communication Technologies-ICT

The innovation and the ability of this sector in Hungary is proved by the large number of innovative companies that have emerged in the recent years. Several of these are already a major factor in the global market and are internationally recognized in the respective sectors. The superiority of these firms and their export potential evidenced by companies like, the NNG and LogMeIn. More

Environmental Sector-Water & Waste Management

The preservation of the natural cycle of water is supported by various modern methods, technologies and solutions. Featuring internationally the most modern and complete water management systems, Hungarian companies offer varied and integrated solutions that meet the most demanding environmental standards.  More

Waste Management – Hungary has succeeded in successfully modernizing and adapting waste management practices to meet the requirements of the most strict environmental requirements of the 21st century – both in terms of technology and knowledge base. As a result of the innovative development, industries associated with the field of waste processing in Hungary have acquired a new momentum and now represent a world-class standard. We offer competitive, innovative, value-for-money solutions. More

Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA)

The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), designs and implements actions to enhance export activities, covering a wide range of interests in many sectors of the economy by offering innovative solutions, highly specialized and large range of applications. Wanting to enhance this effect, the Agency works with the HEPA, who officially represent them in important markets, such as Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Iran.

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency -e-Catalogues

Why Hungary

  • Lowest level corporate tax rate in the EU (9%)
  • New incentive scheme to support the technology-intensive investments and R&D projects
  • #1 Road density & quality of motorways in CEE
  • Fast project delivery ensured by granting VIP status for major investments
  • Excellent location: Hungary has a strategic position in the heart of the continent, granting easy access to both Western and Eastern European markets
  • Investor-friendly legal environment and labour code
  • Highly qualified and cost effective labour force
  • Highly developed logistics and telecoms infrastructure
  • Budapest is one of the most attractive cities for foreign direct investment (FDI) in CEE (fDi Magazine ranking 2016)

Our service portfolio

HIPA is here to help you through the whole investment process with its end-to-end, one-stop-shop service model free of charge. Through the extensive network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and contacts in the public and private sectors, HIPA provides foreign investors professional support for critical investment decisions, and a wealth of supplementary services.

Hungarian Investment Projects

HIPA offers its Hungarian Investment Projects (HIP) database for financial investors. The database presents a sector-by-sector compilation of Hungarian investment opportunities as collected and qualified by HIPA. Their funding requirement ranges from EUR 1.5 million to EUR 150 million.

Tax & Investment Motivation

Hungary as a member of the European Union (EU), has formed a favorable institutional framework, which is an essential incentive for domestic and especially for foreign investors, who have contributed to the economy more than 92 billion dollars in direct foreign investment since 1989. Single corporate tax rate of 9%, the lowest in the European Union. More

Exhibition Hungexpo 2017-Programme

The Hungexpo Zrt. has completed one of the most successful years in its history until today, with events that feed around half a million visitors.