Mechanical Engineering

The history of engineering in Hungary dates back in the early 19th century. The Hungarian domestic industrial engineering since then accompanies the modern requirements of the market and has expanded into subsectors, such as the electrical and machinery manufacturing industry. Today, industrial engineering plays an important role in developed countries and therefore is increasingly important in the domestic economy of Hungary, by converting low-value raw materials in small quantities to high level production. In addition, the production processes and technologies are highly automated and dependent on human resources with expertise in mechanical engineering.

90% of the production of the enterprises of mechanical engineering is oriented toward foreign markets. The Hungarian engineering industry is proud of the remarkable intellectual capital that has been certified by the internationally renowned level of education of mechanical engineering, many patents in mechanical engineering, but also by the subsidiary companies, world-renowned located in Hungary.

The Hungarian Department of industrial engineering is based primarily in the following sectors:

• Food industry, processing industry and gastronomy equipment
• Agricultural machinery and grain technology
• Specific purpose Machines (automotive, electronics industry, nuclear industry, chemical industry, test equipment, etc.)
• Industry of food machinery
• Manufacturers of packaging machinery
• Industry of plastic machinery
• Material handling machinery
• Pumps and compression machinery
• Glass industry machinery
• Machinery tools