Waste Management

Waste Management



The waste is collected from communities on a regional basis. The collection lines are supported by a computerised system, so that optimal routes can be designed, while there are real-time available information for the coordination of collection operation. Plastic or metal buckets are provided depending on the type and quantity of waste to be collected. Appropriate means of transport are used for semi-automatic emptying local buckets. Solutions are provided with the help of information technology for the record-keeping system, the capacity planning and the relevant charges.


Depending on the degree of hazard and quantity, different superstructures, which are supported through information technologies, are manufactured in waste transport vehicles. Due to their design, both the collection and the transportation are secured. Also, they allow the fulfilment of special tasks with special equipment, such as snow blades, tools, cleaning and plant care accessories.

Waste Utilization

The collected waste is gathered in specially designed units with manual or fully automated use. Such waste can be reused or — in some cases — recycled as energy sources, or may be disposed of. Organic waste can be used for biogas production, using industrial technology from Hungary.

Waste to dispose

Waste can be managed well with the process of incineration, in landfills or other kind of areas. Our partners provide high-scale services for planning, construction and operation or cremation of dangerous waste.


Through our partners, we undertake the design, implementation and operation of landfills, which is fully compatible with international standards. We offer services and products for the operation of landfills, such as material handling equipment, special weighing scales and digital record-keeping applications.