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Seyu is a Hungarian company that has developed an online platform designed to increase fan-engagement and entertainment, promoting the new way of cheering. The company’s platform gathers data and offers a unique communication channel to send motivating messages, enabling supporters to support teams during sports events and partner clubs to communicate and reward their fans. Seyu creates an opportunity for sports fans all around the world to take fan selfies, add motivating messages, and post them in real time through a moderated channel to giant screens and perimeter LED boards in sports halls and stadiums, as well as posting them to social media, while cheering on their favourite athletes or teams during matches, from thousands of kilometres away. Thanks to this service, clubs can generate additional revenue with either loyalty marketing campaigns or by tapping into the spending power of fans in remote markets.

Seyu also expands the marketing platform that clubs or federations can offer to their existing sponsors, and building a desired emotional bridge between fans and the brand. Through this service, valuable user data and market intelligence can be provided to top up the CRM database of the partner or the sponsoring brand.
Seyu aims to develop partnerships with Greek  ICT companies and companies active in Sports Marketing to introduce its platform in Greece.
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