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Yoganotch is a customizable device that digitizes human movement and can be attached to the body. Yoganotch is a smart yoga coach that provides personalized live guidance for yoga and mindfulness practices. The sensors detect poor posture during yoga exercises, and they provide real-time feedback and guidance for correct posture. It is a Virtual Yoga Assistant powered by motion sensors and Artificial Intelligence.

Yoganotch comes with a smartphone app and wearable sensors that analyze user’s body metrics to help them avoid injuries and provides exercises that adjust to their experience and body types. Yoganotch app provides real-time voice feedback during the practice, where every instruction is tailored to each individual user. In features, experience and pricing Yoganotch compares favorably with all existing connected fitness products.
Yoganotch aims to develop partnerships with Greek sports equipment companies and to introduce its solution in Greece.

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