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Protan is a company that produces high-quality PVC materials and is a world leader in membrane technology. Protan manufactures technical textiles and ventilation systems for providing customized roofing and storage solutions that are innovative. Protan’s largest business area is roof coverings is one of the largest roofing contractors in the Nordic region while they supply to many EE countries and globally.
Roofs and membranes

They supply complete, tailor-made solutions and systems for roofs, both exposed and protected. They also deliver high-quality membranes for wet rooms and terraces, plus radon protective membranes for new builds and renovations.


Protan Technical Textiles
Technical textiles

Protan’s has a wide product portfolio in PVC-coated textiles for several fields of industrial applications. They can be used in plastic halls in storage halls, hangars, sports arenas and hospital tents, speedways, water storage, and refugee camps.

Ventilation systems

Protan’s three flexible ventilation systems are among the most innovative in the world for mines and tunnels, due to their excellent durability, great flexibility, low weight, and simple handling.


They are the official distributors of Protan PVC products in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria and are now further expanding into Greece, Serbia, Romania, and Moldova. They also provide services like Technical assistance regarding installation, Protan roofing school certification and Sales and marketing assistance.

Protan aims to develop partnerships with Greek companies and professionals related to construction material supplying, architects, general construction contractors, or PVC roofing contractors to introduce their PVC products in the Greek market.

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