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The little “Magic Cube” was born more than 40 years ago and became world-famous thanks to the Hungarian engineer-inventor, Ernő Rubik. The iconic logic game has conquered millions of people around the world. What is even more surprising is that from now on we can try the new digital version of the Hungarian invention. Since its invention, Ernő Rubik’s iconic logic has gained popularity all around the world. The game has become a classic, with countless variations, including the standard 3×3, 2×2 and 4×4 cubes. In addition, it also appeared in different shapes such as pyramids, and even its puzzle version became available on the game market. This time, however, the result is a groundbreaking solution that surpasses all of them. The inventors of the startup WOWcube have come up with the digital version of the Rubik’s Cube. The 2×2 version combines the features of a classic logic game, while giving it a modern spin to make it even more enjoyable. As YankoDesign reports, the small screens on all sides of the cube – that can act and show display independently from each other – let the player tap and swipe to play a game or control an app.

In addition to the rotation, the digital version of Rubik’s cube can respond to touch thanks to its accelerometer and gyroscope. The 2×2 cube is made up of 8 cubes of the same construction, each with its own processor and touch screens, which are connected and held together by magnets – reported by the Hungarian news portal Rakéta.

The WOWCube Entertainment System is a new kind of gaming system that offers a wide range of popular games like Butterfly, Hyper Space, 2048, and the addictive Cut the Rope. Still, it is important to highlight that the freshly developed cube is not only for gaming. Its potential functions range from reimagined versions of classic games to apps that replace (or even unite) alarm clocks and calendars, to apps for sleeping, to ideas that turn the cube into an ornament (desktop aquarium with virtual fish). As a programmable computer, WOWCube also allows users to program their own games or apps for their cube. The device can provide 5 hours of play on a single charge.

But the Rubik’s Cube sensation does not end here. An enthusiastic fan, Jeremy Allison has recently solved the Rubik’s cube in freefall – reported by Csupasport. The unusual experiment – that required serious concentration – was also recorded.

“After four attempts, the fifth was successful. :)” – wrote Allison on his YouTube page, who revealed that he had managed to solve the Rubik’s cube on the ground in 50 seconds under normal conditions before embarking on the adventure shown in the video.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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