eMAG Builds Gigantic Logistics Center To Serve The Entire CEE Region

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Not only Hungary but six additional regional markets will also be served by eMAG Logistic Kft.’s brand-new logistics center to be erected in Dunaharaszti that is going to be the largest of its kind in the CEE. As a result of the HUF 35 billion investment that will create 213 jobs a facility of 117,000 sq m will be built where the application of several automated solutions is also part of the plan. Operation can start as early as at Christmas.


Leading player of the domestic e-commerce market, eMAG-Extreme Digital has announced to build a new logistics center to meet steeply growing demand. The e-commerce storage, which is of record size in the region, will be used to supply Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, Austrian, German and Czech customers alike.


The large-scale investment will essentially rely on several state-of-the-art automation solutions to make work processes even more efficient. The expansion further strengthens the role of the company and thousands of Hungarian merchant partners in the local e-commerce market. It is also significant as far as job creation is concerned since headcount is expected to go up to 600 in the logistics department within the upcoming four years.

The new storage base can accelerate not only to handle eMAG-Extreme Digital’s own orders but also those of over six thousand companies in Hungary and the region that offer their products and services to domestic customers. With this investment the company intends to help local small businesses become professional online merchants and remain competitive vis à vis foreign online behemoths that are expanding their operations in the region.

Source: HIPA



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