HUMIN AQUA is a Hungarian company that, through its research team, has developed and possessed the know-how, along with exclusive rights, to manufacture and distribute the Humin Aqua product, which is an organic Humin acid formulation ( 100%) ideal for the cultivation of organic and conventional agriculture. The purpose of the company is to promote this unique innovation and pave the way towards a new sustainable agriculture without chemicals. The product is certified as: biological, bee-friendly, and as for its composition as a solution of pure humic acid (100%).

Humin Aqua & Biomit: The use of Humin Aqua products has many advantages as it enhances the efficiency of the products and fertilizers used in conventional agriculture, and increases crop yields by 20% +, while, by adding it in foliar spray form, the Cultivation of organic farming can be completely free of chemicals. It is specially designed for large-area crops, saves 20%-50% in irrigation water, works on dry soils boosting their moisture levels, enhances optimum use of soil bacteria, reduces the need for pesticides as well as It enhances cultivated plants with stronger roots and denser foliage.

The aim of Humin Aqua company is to develop further collaborations with international partners: Greek companies who sell fertilizers and soil improvers of organic and conventional agriculture, local representatives & distributors, other agricultural companies in related fields and local Agricultural cooperatives.

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