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3B HUNGARIA is a Hungarian company with more than 30 years of experience operating in waste processing, recycling and waste management, secondary energy production and mechanical equipment in the construction materials industry (steel, cement, sand, gravel). It is one of the largest companies in Europe and has an international presence (Germany, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Algeria, South Africa, Norway, Poland, Bulgaria) with various projects. It has a modern production base in the Zalaegerszeg area, in ​more than 22,000 m², succeed their own technical innovations and a workforce of over 160 people. The company provides a wide range of products in integrated industries: machinery, buildings, control management technologies as well as unit management systems.

3B Hungaria has been involved in the construction of waste treatment facilities for about 14 years with many international and local projects. As the processing and recycling unit uses unique solutions and technologies, this experience has enabled them to develop their own machines, as well as to design and produce complete turnkey facilities.


 ZERO WASTE solution

3B Hungaria Zero waste solutions

3B HUNGARIA is involved in the development of various waste treatment technologies and the improvement of related equipment, as the recovery of a large percentage of waste in Hungary had not yet been resolved and non-recyclable waste went to landfills. Three Hungarian universities, a research center, and many researchers participated in a joint project and finally, a new idea for the implementation of ZERO WASTE strategies was developed, offering:

  • Simple, low-budget waste sorting unit with low space requirements and the least possible human labor
  • Turns selected waste into recyclable
  • The remaining post-selective substances are used on-site without delivery to prevent further pollution of the environment
  • Non-recyclable waste is used by cracking or in a small power plant.
  • Produces energy not only from municipal waste but also from industrial waste and sewage sludge.
  • It is a waste management solution for small and medium-sized cities, while it can operate in a small area of a larger city.
ECO City Project

A new generation of waste sorting units with modern waste processing facilities (turn key solution). During the design of this unit, they created the simplest possible system with the least possible energy consumption. They have developed four new types of equipment with one of them (Waste Separator 5F (KLME)) enjoying an international patent.

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