PATELLA is one of the largest medical equipment and wholesale distributor companies in Hungary today. It works with more than 180 suppliers offering over 9000 products. Its products represent the latest developments and the most innovative medical rehabilitation and home care medical devices. Its range includes types of motor rehabilitation (trolleys, electric trolleys, sticks, crutches and strollers), support-orthotics (special ankle, knee, lumbar, wrist, elbow and neck) slopes and special design, special mattresses) and personal hygiene items (specialized foot care products, special bath seats). Their portfolio includes products covered by the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK).

Patella responds to market needs by constantly offering new competitive products and has an exclusive distribution agreement with major manufacturers such as the Scholl Anatomic Shoe Company. Its trademark is GM and GMed brand names.

Patella aims to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

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