PHARMAFORTE is a Hungarian pharmaceutical company founded in 2002 by two specialist scientists in Biomedical Research. The company produces and distributes innovative daily health nutrition supplements developed based on traditional herbs and the latest scientific research, multivitamin herbal fertility preparations, as well as multivitamin supplements for her period. Nutritional supplements can provide protection as well as complementary therapies that help prevent disease. PHARMAFORTE continues and carries out clinical and laboratory studies, especially in the field of infertility, the clinical trial of the Ferulant preparation is underway with very encouraging results. Likewise, PHARMAFORTE scientists are conducting cancer research in collaboration with an American research team at Veterans Hospital in Long Beach, California, using pomegranate extracts.

PHARMAFORTE stands out for its continuous clinical research and product design, rigorous quality assurance and natural origin of ingredients.

PHARMAFORTE aims to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

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