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USCOM was founded in 2000 by Cardiovascular Research Professor Rob Phillips, specializes in Cardiovascular Health and provides innovative non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary monitoring equipment. The USCOM 1A (Doppler hemodynamic non-invasive display) was the first device developed in 2006 and continues to be the company’s core product, with total sales of over 1000 units in top hospitals and clinics worldwide. USCOM 1A uses advanced hemodynamic Doppler to monitor blood flow. It offers accurate CO and SVR measurement, contributes to the effective treatment of hypertension, heart failure and preeclampsia. The company also has Uscom BP +, a volumetric central blood pressure (cBP) ultrasound monitor that measures blood pressure and blood pressure in both the heart and the arm, providing previously available information given only by invasive cardiac catheterization.

USCOM also has Spirometry’s Medical Devices. The equipment in the SpiroSonic range features a user-friendly digital respirator, various devices that provide spirometry for research, based on ultrasonic flow measurements. Each of its products is the result of years of research, technological development and innovation. With its innovative products it replaces conventional and more common methods helping to create a new standard of care for hypertension, heart failure and vascular health.

The goal of USCOM is to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

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