MOMERT is a Hungarian medical device company specialized in home and baby care devices. Manufactures and markets blood pressure gauges, digital thermometers, infrared lamps, digital alcohol detectors and a wide range of baby care products including electronic and analog scales for babies, sterilizers, teasers, humidifiers.
Its factory facilities are highly productive as it deals with a wide range of electrical appliances, from home appliances to medical devices. Its products are sold through major commercial chains and electrical appliance stores, while the company has a separate customer service department ensuring the most immediate customer service. Product testing is carried out with modern measuring tools by a specialized quality management team.
They apply ISO 9001 quality management system for the whole production process. Their total production area is 12,000m2, their warehouse area is 6,000m2 and their total number of employees is 250 people.

MOMERT has fifty years of experience in the production of electrical equipment, high production capacity and a wide range of products and dedicated customer service department for immediate service.

MOMERT’s goal is to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and introduce their products in Greece.

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