NOSIBOO is a Hungarian company of medical accessories specializing in nasal aspirators for babies and young children. The Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Respirator has been awarded three design awards (Parent Test Award, German Design Award 2016, Reddot Award 2014) and has win parents’ trust. Nosiboo’s range includes nasal aspirators (Nosiboo PRO, Nosiboo GO, Nosiboo ECO), the Nosiboo SNIF which is a compact nasal inhaler that combines aromatherapy and salt crystals, as well as a variety of salts. Inhalation of essential oils stimulates the olfactory system – the part of the brain associated with the smell. Its use improves the mood of the child, relieves stress, helps her to relax and sleep better and provides a gentle way of treatment. NOSIBOO’s essential oil blend is made exclusively for it, and the ingredients come from a biologically controlled culture and have been carefully selected to create a child-friendly fragrance.

NOSIBOO nasal respirators are high quality, are safe medical devices and offer 100% natural and mild drug-free treatment.

NOSIBOO’s goal is to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

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