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NATURLAND is a company producing herbal medicine and nutritional supplements. In the last two decades, Naturland has developed and registered more than 45 paramedical and 40 pharmaceutical products at the National Institute of Pharmaceuticals. Naturland’s current product portfolio includes pharmaceuticals and raw materials, paramedics, nutritional supplements, herbal and fruit teas, cosmetics as well as essential oils, with a total of over 300 products.

Naturland’s best known and best-selling products are Swedish Bitter which is a formula with more than 27 herbs and available as a dietary supplement and also as a cosmetic, the Inno Rheuma family of products that help with rheumatic diseases available in various formulations and also as tea blend and nutritional supplements such as Cranberry Complex Capsules and Cranberry Echinacea Tea.

Production complies with all European Union requirements. The quality assurance system follows ISO 9001: 2000 standards, complies with the Good Manufacturing Guidelines and HACCP principles.

Based in Zurich and factory sites in Budapest, it has direct contact with international drug wholesalers and pharmacies, importing sales agents in various countries. Its products are found in supermarkets & supermarkets (such as Tesco, Spar, Auchan, Coop), local chains and pharmacy chains. It stands out for its high production capacity and fast delivery time.

NATURLAND’s goal is to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and introduce their products in Greece.

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