MEDITECH is a Hungarian medical device company that manufactures, develops and markets portable blood pressure monitors and Holter ECG monitors and ECG screens and software solutions for cardiovascular risk factors analysis since 1990. The range of MEDITECH’s monitors provide accurate information on blood pressure volatility, night and day hikes for managing and controlling blood pressure and hypertension. Thanks to extensive measurement ranges, they provide the most accurate blood pressure profile.

MEDITECH ECG Holter ECGs and monitors record up to 168 consecutive hours. After the monitoring period, the recorded data are automatically evaluated and analyzed by the CardioVisions Holter management software which also provides a printable report. They include a real-time ECG display for precise connections, can be used in 3 to 12 channels for those who prefer the classic ECG layout, require a simple standard USB mini connection and no dedicated cable required, and feature manual programming.

MEDITECH also has CardioVisions & EasyABPM software packages. CardioVisions and EasyABPM are Windows-based software packages for analyzing recorded blood pressure and ECG data. CardioVisions handles all Meditech Holter monitors and is suitable for both general practitioners who need only one reference page and for researchers who need more data. EasyABPM offers easy and fast ABPM solutions for Meditech ABPM-04, ABPM-05 and ABPM-06 blood pressure monitor screens.

It has distributors in over 50 countries and their main markets are Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, Russia and the United Kingdom. Portable blood pressure monitors and Holter ECG electrocardiographs are also available for a private label company with their accredited quality.

MEDITECH aims to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and introduce their products in Greece.

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