MEDIMETAL is a Hungarian medical device company operating since 1993 and is a pioneer in the manufacture of special implants from steel and titanium wounds. Its specialized staff utilizes state-of-the-art CAD-CAM systems, which allow the rapid development of new ideas and the effective collaboration between clinical partners and their production engineers. The wide range of MEDIMETAL products consists of surgical equipment such as intramedullary nails for the surgical treatment of tibial fractures (general intramedullary tibial tibia, MTT (Multilocking Tibial Treatment) nail, removable tibial lock, tibia, etc.) intramuscular nails for surgical treatment of femoral fractures (“Z” -trochanteric nail, rotary barrier nail, general femoral intramuscular nail, posterior femoral nail, DTSS-DCSS system) proximal femoral plate, narrow and wide plate sealing, locking femoral plate, multiaxial plates) and intramuscular nails for surgical treatment of upper and lower arm fractures (general nail polish, MPHT nail) proximal coarse plate, medial orthostatic distal plate lock, distal medial anatomical pedal plate lock, distal oblique coarse plate, lumbar distal lateral artery, polyaxial fiber beam).

Production facilities use the TORNOS, STAR and DMG systems. The products are made of the highest quality steel and titanium and all products go through quality control. They are in line with EN ISO 13485: 2012, ISO 9001: 2008 and their products meet the requirements of the EEC Directive 93/94 on medical devices.

With 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing implants, it stands out for its wide range of products made of high-quality steel and titanium alloys from top certified suppliers. Implant testing is performed in accredited laboratories and all finished products go through quality control.

MEDIMETAL aims to develop partnerships with Greek distribution companies and to introduce their products in Greece.

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