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Businesses in Hungary have the 3rd best chance of surviving the first year across countries in the European Union (EU) according to new research, with a 95.10% survival rate! As part of their Global Business Report, Utility Bidder has analysed 1st-year business survival rates across the EU, revealing that 82.5% of businesses survive the first 12 months on average across the continent. You can view the research HERE.

Top 10 EU countries with the highest one-year business survival:


The research has also revealed:

  • After analysing the survival rates of EU businesses, Lithuania has the lowest first-year survival rates at 64.2%.
  • The Netherlands has been revealed as the best country in the world to start a new business, with a business score of 8.49 out of 10. The region scored highly on aspects such as employment, education, and 1-year survival.
  • Icelandic people are the most employable, with an employment rate of 83% – more than any other OECD country.
  • Luxembourg has the highest average salary (£61,695), followed by Ireland (£61,657), Norway (£53,919), Switzerland (£51, 981), and the United States (£50,622).

Source: Daily News Hungary

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