The largest sustainability event in Central Europe, reaching a broad audience and raising awareness of the importance of the sustainability turnaround and the impacts of climate change. Planet Budapest 2023 is a prominent international event, which presents the latest solutions with an innovative approach, showcasing the latest solutions in an easily understandable manner. The event consists of professional, business, public and educational programmes. The event addresses several generations at once, bridging the gap between them and offering practical, tangible solutions for audiences of all ages, whether they are just learning about sustainability or if they already have a solid understanding. Planet Budapest 2023 is built around three thematic events:
Planet Expo: Exhibition on sustainability
An exhibition on sustainability and green innovation, where companies with concrete solutions at the forefront of sustainability efforts, have the opportunity to showcase their solutions to business partners and the public. In the framework of the exhibition, there will be a conference featuring presentations and round table discussions by leading experts in the field of sustainability, while presentations at the weekend will display tangible solutions.
Exhibitors of the Sustainability Exhibition List
Your Planet: Interactive programme on sustainability
Developed by internationally renowned Hungarian creative and scientific experts, the programme will give visitors an insight into everyday life in a sustainable future. Your Planet is an entertaining, informative and thought-provoking exhibition with spectacular installations, where visitors can experience and understand the meaning of sustainability, and what they can do individually and collectively to leave a more liveable planet for future generations.
Heroes of the Future: Sustainability experience for young people
Heroes of the Future is an adventure game aimed at educating younger generations about sustainability. It tells a story about the possible future of our planet, using elements of interactive games and live theatre, with immersive visuals and sets. It can open students minds to the current issues they face. The educational programme, aimed primarily at upper primary school students and class communities, teaches visitors about sustainability, interconnectedness, and individual responsibility.

Planet Budapest 2023 Sustainability Expo is going to be held on Hungexpo Budapest from 25.09.2023 to 01.10.2023, at Hungexpo “Budapest Kongresszusi és Kiállítási Központ” (Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai street 10.)
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