Zwack Unicum is an active Hungarian spirits manufacturer and exporter internationally before World War II, exporting to many European countries as well as the Americas. Zwack exports that have tripled between 2000-2012, spreading to more than 30 countries around the world.  The company was established back in 1790 as a spirit producer with top product the Unicum liqueur, a herb bitter liqueur that is both macerated and distilled using over 40 different herbs and spices and then aged for six months in oak casks. The company re-established in 1992 also as a major spirit exporter and spirits distributor in Hungary. They export to 5 continents, in more than 34 countries, and already have 51 distributor partners. Their Top 3 export countries are Italy, Romania, Germany.

Spirits: Herb liqueurs made of 40 different herbs and spices, distilled and produced in Budapest
  • Unicum
  • Unicum Plum
  • Unicum Barista
  • Unicum Riserva
 Various sizes from 0,04L till 3L, depending on product – Unique round bottle from the beginning – 40% V/V (Unicum; Unicum Riserva), 34,5% V/V (Unicum Szilva=Plum; Unicum Barista)
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