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It is common knowledge that Smart City and Smart Mobility infrastructure sets the foundations for the prosperity of a region. Through smart infrastructure, all Business Sectors are benefited from the innovation and progress that a city or a region possesses when is fueled by data. According to a recent analysis of Frost & Sullivan, the global spending on Smart City technologies and E-mobility is expected to show an increase of 23 % by 2025.  While many cities and regions have already taken important steps in E-Mobility and Autonomous driving infrastructure, still more are those who are preparing for a smarter, greener, and renewable future in transportation and mobility.
Hungary is among the leading innovation ecosystems that develop Smart City infrastructure, having invested great amounts in recent decades regarding Smart City infrastructure. Hungarian companies offer pioneering and innovative solutions that meet the technical, environmental, and social challenges in developing E-Mobility in a Smart City environment. Below are some Hungarian Smart City solutions that could be the beginning of a new era in Smart Mobility and Smart Management of urban traffic.


Έξυπνη Κινητικότητα - Ηλεκτροκίνηση


Smart and Electric Mobility

Smart Mobility is a key pillar of what we call Smart City and provides many immediate benefits directly related to daily life. E-mobility, Autonomous driving, and Smart City infrastructure not only increase our safety and quality of life but open new business opportunities. The Hungarian Mobility Center ZalaZONE, includes one of the largest electric and autonomous driving programs in Europe, including audit trials and laboratory testing, combined with high technology and telecommunications.
The promotion of electric mobility in Greece has already begun and the development of entrepreneurship around it can have many sub-sectors, such as electric chargers and other applications related to car charging stations and services. Hungarian companies like Evopro  provide integrated charging stations for fast-charging electric cars and vehicles  (capacity charge to 80% in less than 30 minutes), while Grape Solutions company has developed a mobile application relevant to charging stations with automatic online payment and document issuance, an application already used from the No.1 Hungarian electric charging company with more than 4.8 million users.


Διαχείριση κυκλοφορίας - Smart Traffic Management – Smart Parking


Smart Traffic Management – Smart Parking

The Smart Traffic Management solutions have grown rapidly and Hungary has to propose Smart Mobility solutions such as an integrated public transport system management that the company Delta Group  has developed that provides an urban and local area transportation management solution for traffic control, e-ticket service, and passenger information. Additionally,  Asura  company has developed an integrated LPR (License-Plate-Recognition) system solution with vehicle identification applications with smart sensors based on Artificial Intelligence for either Smart parking or Traffic management applications. Other solutions for Smart Parking develops the company  Makesense offering solutions related to the availability of parking in the city, suitable for use on public roads, parking, and electric charge stations.
Hungarian Startups have also developed many Smart Mobility Automation applications i.e. the Rollet company that has created a mobile application that provides automated payment parking fees, using data such as the vehicle registration number and the number of credit card, with parking identification systems. The Startup Gapidea has developed Mobility Automation protection systems such as the Intelligent Gate Project (IGP) designed to alert the driver if the vehicle is taller than the gate, using ultrasonic technology to detect objects by alerting the operator with light and sound signals.
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