Dorsum is a Hungarian top investment software & solutions provider in the CEE, focusing on Wealthtech solutions. They offer versatile solutions to players in capital markets and wealth management space, providing support throughout the entire lifecycle of their products. As the Wealth Management industry is going through a major shift, due to a worldwide generation change, the emergence of new technologies and the changes in business models (such as cloud-based services) is inevitable. Dorsum company is a stable partner for financial institutions in the ever-changing investment industry. They deliver high-quality, service-based, easy to integrate, modular investment software.

The Wealth Management Platform is a new generation, 360 degrees, front-tomid advisory software solution providing essential functionalities with remarkable user experience. This innovative platform is designed for financial institutions to have an efficient wealth advisory network with enhanced customer engagement, while staying compliant with regulations

My Wealth is a client facing solution which provides a platform that enables clients to make investment decisions easily anywhere, anytime on this simple and easy-to-use mobile and web platform. The My Wealth app is a unique solution as it merges traditional and digital advisory process into a hybrid model. It brings a holistic 360-degree portfolio overview to clients and helps them understand the composition and historical progress of their portfolio. It establishes a unique bridge between AI-driven and personal advice. Clients can chat with a self-learning chatbot, receive automatic portfolio related notifications, news and documents. Additionally, they can request to reach their financial advisor on several channels. Thanks to the app, it has never been easier for financial advisors to stay in contact with their clients any place, any time.

The Communication HUB features real-time human chat, an integrated chatbot system with pre-prepared tutorials, an AI-driven notification system and GDPR compliant digital document transfer and approval. With the HUB, advisors can reach the mass affluent and private banking segments with digital banking products without losing the personal touch.

CA Master: The software meets the requirements of SRD II, capturing and analysing corporate actions data from multiple sources. It reduces operational risk and enhances efficiency with its built-in audit and control functions. The solution serves different SLA requirements of local and global custodians for scheduled and prudent processes. A tax microservice module is included to calculate proper entitlements. The software is offered to securities service providers to serve all types of clients, by offering a new web-based platform with flexible widgets representing all back-end functions. The Portal creates one communication platform for all clients to reduce operational risks, support full paperless office and increase efficiency.

Advantages: The Easy Invest function of Dorsum’s My Wealth mobile app was granted with Best of Show award the at the Finovate Europe event 2019  . Dorsum is a second-time winner of the award, following its 2017 win with the Botboarding platform. The company has more than 80 customers ( such as the OTP Bank, Raiffeisen Bank , BNP Paribas Bank) and presence in 10 countries.

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