77 ING Kft., which belongs to the 100 percent Hungarian 77 Elektronika Group, bought Metal-Ware Kft., which deals with sheet metal technology. With its acquisition, the aim of the Hungarian medical technology company is to be able to ensure the smooth delivery of the disk components required for the urine testing machines manufactured by 77 Elektronika in the future. The foreign trade of automatic laboratory systems for urine analysis based on UriSed technology provides more than 80 percent of the company’s turnover, and its products are exported to nearly 100 countries globally.

After several years of successful business cooperation, in a new form and ownership structure, but with the usual quality, 77 Elektronika Group and Balatonlelle’s Metal-Ware Kft., currently employing more than 60 people, continue their joint work. One of the largest customers of the company dealing with sheet metal technology is the It was purchased by 77 ING Kft., headquartered in Balatonfüred, which belongs to the 77 group of companies, in order to ensure the continuous and high-quality supply of parts for its medical devices.


The acquisition fully fits into the strategy of the 77 Elektronika Group, since the goal of one of the largest companies in the Hungarian medical technology industry is to have the parts and consumables required for the operation of the urine testing machines developed by it manufactured in-house. In this spirit, the company bought the German Analyticon AG two years ago, which produced urine reagent strips for the Hungarian side. Another argument in favor of the acquisition was that Metal Ware Kft. has modern machinery and a robotic plant, where they are able to cover the entire plate production vertical, from their cutting to their painting. All this guarantees the supply of plate and chipped parts for 77 Elektronika.

Source: Hungarian Trade Magazine


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