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The Hungarian company GENERAL MECHATRONICS offers IoT Product Development & comprehensive technical solutions for product development and manufacturing. They develop end-to-end solutions (software & hardware) mainly in the Construction & Logistics industries. Their main IoT solutions are asset sensors with unique characteristics, that need very low energy (battery type), and can be used as a supplementary added solution to a simple meter device (i.e. water meter). General Mechatronics IoT solutions can be installed in buildings, vehicles, as well as mobile devices. Their primary functions are data collection, measurement and information display. The devices connect to the server infrastructure via the internet, which allows for the data to be processed, a customized webpage to be created, and the device software to be updated from a distance.

NABI Track Asset Sensors: With Track NaBi Logistics can be transformed into a controlled, highly efficient operation, receiving real-time information on the objects’ location, temperature, and motion, thus implementing fully automated logistics, security, temperature monitoring, and more. Read More

NABI Meter Smart Metering: NaBi Meter can revolutionize water management and put an end to wastage through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies. Designed to provide real-time data about potential water leakages, allowing swift actions and reduced wastage offering unparalleled insights into water consumption. With a battery life of up to 10 years, NaBi Meter ensures uninterrupted service. Read More



General Mechatronics has established a strong business relationship with reliable suppliers and bodies: notified bodies, patent attorneys, mould tooling companies, and other specialized third parties. Besides being a manufacturer and a vendor of their own branded products, the company also offers full-range development and serial production of electronic devices. They have several references from many projects, inside and outside Hungary.

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