“We set a new record last year. The total amount of agricultural subsidies successfully applied for and paid out exceeded HUF 1,300B (EUR 3.3B),” said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the awards ceremony of the Vas County (western Hungary) Wheat and Soy Production Competition. At the event, the minister highlighted that farmers harvested a total of 177,000 tons of soybeans from 58,000 hectares. Out of this, 34,000 tons were harvested from almost 10,000 hectares in Vas County. Approximately 60-70,000 tons of soybean production are processed domestically, with a significant portion leaving the country. Additionally, 90-100,000 tons are exported in unprocessed form. Crops continue to hold a significant share in Hungarian exports. Last year, farmers harvested a total of 5.93 million tons of wheat from 1,054,000 hectares, achieving a yield of 5.63 tons per hectare.

Wheat & Soy

István Nagy emphasized that the historic level of support will help achieve long-term goals. He stated: “We aim for a one-and-a-half-times increase in agricultural productivity, a doubling of added value, and a 50 percent rise in exports to EUR 15B by 2030.” The Hungarian CAP Strategic Plan also contributes to ensuring that all actors in agriculture have the opportunity to develop further. As Nagy concluded: We are convinced that everyone can be a winner under the new agricultural support system.”

Source: Hungary Today

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