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VINYL is a Hungarian chemical production company with a wholesale & distribution department. Established in 1992, the company’s headquarters are in Miskolc and the manufacturing and logistics centers are in Budapest. The company produces Iodine compounds, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Chlorine gas filling stations, and is active in Iodine recycling & waste management, and chemical distribution. They are experts in water treatment products and auxiliary services. VINYL company stands out for its innovation & quality in their chemical products, and its reliability and premium expertise.

Chlorine Gas: Liquid Chlorine gas is a widely used water disinfectant, mainly used to treat drinking water. It is cheap and effective. VINYL provides full service (filling, shipping, maintaining drum and cylinders, etc.). Read more
Sodium Hypochlorite: Sodium-hypochlorite is widely used as a disinfectant in water and surfaces. Vinyl produces Sodium-hypochlorite in many different grades and concentrations in our Budapest factory. Available packings range from 5l to 24t trucks. Read More
Methyl Iodide & Ethyl Iodide: Available as non-stabilized and stabilized (with Ag net or Cu wire) in 100 kg/KEG and 2,5 kg/bottle packing. They supply the Methyl Iodide at DAP delivery terms and collect back the empty (contaminated) KEG packing material. This service is included in the price in Eu. Special requests for packing unit or quality requirement are negotiable.
Periodic acid: It is available as solid technical, puriss, ACS grade and in liquid form 50 % solution. The solid form packaged in 20 kg / plastic pail. The liquid form is packaged in drum, filled from 180 kg to 250 kg.
SMP (Sodium Meta Periodate): It is available in technical grade and ACS grade. The solid form packaged in 20 kg / plastic pail.
Iodine Monochloride and Wijs solution: It is highly polar and behaves as a source of I+. It is a useful reagent in organic synthesis. It is used as a source of electrophilic iodine in the synthesis of certain aromatic iodides. It also cleaves C-Si bonds. Wijs solution, which is iodine monochloride dissolved in acetic acid, is used to determine the iodine value of a substance. It can also be used to make pure iodates, by reacting with chlorate and releasing chlorine gas as by product.
They are the only Methyl-iodine producer in Europe and the only Periodic acid and Sodium-metaperiodate producer in the European Union. Based on their corporate values, they aim to meet the expectations of a sustainable society, including environmental protection, chemical safety, and added value, offering not only qualitative products with competitive terms but also generating solutions in waste & water management.
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