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Hungarian Telekom integrated System (T-Systems) company is the largest Hungarian service provider that can cover the entire range of ICT technologies. They offer integrated end-to-end IT solutions, driving the digital transformation of companies in all industries and the public sector. T-Systems’ focus industries are automotive, the public sector, healthcare, and transport, and has developed industry-specific solutions – so-called vertical applications. The company has developed an urban Smart Mobility solution, an eco-friendly electric bike rental sharing System for cross-city mobility in cooperation with the leading Hungarian bicycle manufacturer Neuzer. It is a unique micro-mobility solution for urban & tourist areas, Universities, and company ecosystems.

Telekom Integrated Systems

The electric bike rental sharing System is Smart Technology based (Smart Bike, Smart Lock) including a virtual station, docking stations, charging stations, and Terminal information panel. The company develops and offers complete Electric Bicycle Rental Systems providing electric & traditional bicycles, charging points, software, related hardware equipment, IT services (webshop, mobile applications, operation background system) and operation & maintenance services (repair center, toolkit & spare parts, logistics vehicle).
Reference Projects:
Telekom integrated System has a presence in many Hungarian regions and in Slovakia, offering bike rental sharing Systems in local municipalities and universities. The most indicative projects are:

Bratislava: 121 rental stations – 10 touch screens with bank terminal, 111 information, 1726 docking stations and 900 smart bikes built-in solar panel, display, keypad, card reader and smart lock
Győr: 35 rental stations – 2 touch screens with bank terminal, 33 terminals with numeric keypad, 438 smart docking stations (84 with charger), 233 bicycles – 35 e-bikes and 198 traditional bikes
Esztergom-Párkány: 20 rental stations – 20 terminals with numeric keypad, 278 smart docking stations with charger, 165 bicycles – 120 traditional, 45 e- bikes, built-in GPS
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