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E-Bike Sharing Hungary (Masterbike) is a Hungarian company, that develops and offers complete Electric Bicycle Rental Systems providing e-bicycles, charging points, software, related hardware equipment, and IT services. Electric Bike Sharing System perfectly fits into the Smart City concept, as a solution of multi-modal transport management. E-Bike sharing works with the usage of RFID card,  and the card can be function as a City Card also, and with only one card citizens can enjoy many services. The System can offer Electric custom made Bicycles, solar energy charging station, GPS tracking, touch screen terminal (payment by smartphone), flexible Docking station (easy to install, remove, individual units), Intermodality, Interoperability, Durability, energy management (batteries), Safety & Control management (Dispatch room, tracking, vandal-proof). E-Bike sharing offers the most diverse cycling needs, from public bicycles to service electric bicycles to shaft-driven bicycles with a battery built into the frame. With unique design the bicycle users can adapt more quickly to the new means of transport, traditional or electric, individual or public bicycles. The final system can offer to municipalities a 100% green city program,  environmental friendly as the electric bike’s batteries can be charged by solar energy. Ebike sharing can also offer Electric Scooter Sharing System.

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Reference Projects:

Their first Electric Bicycle Rental project was implemented in 2015, in a touristic area in Hungary. Since then they have developed 30 Bicycle Rental systems and provided 400 electric bicycles in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Dominican Republic. They offer a complete solution (e-bicycles, charging points, software, related hardware equipment, and IT services) and they have 3 months delivery time.

CROSS-BIKE INTERREG PROJECT SKHU (SLOVAKIA): Cross-Border INTERREG SK-HU cross-border electric bicycle system project started in 2020. Project handover: 20.08.2021. • 10 stations (8 in Sátoraljaújhely, 2 in Slovakia, 123 docks, 82 e-bikes)

MUNICIPAL PUBLIC BICYCLE SYSTEM – KAPOSVÁR (HUNGARY): The Kaposvári Rolling public bicycle system is available with a total of 4 stations, 48 ​​electric bicycle docks, 26 e-bikes, 6 e-scooters, and has been in service for 1.5 years those wishing to cycle in the county seat of Somogy (2015).

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