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Pécsi Brewery is a Hungarian small brewery with 170 years long uninterrupted history. Their traditional lager products are among Hungary’s most popular beers, and have successfully started to market new Craft Beers, such as Pale Ale, APA and Wheat Beer, while also provide private label beers for selected partners. Out of commitment to environment and sustainability, Pécsi launched its Organic Product Series, including Hungary’s fi­rst Organic Gluten-Free Lager, internationally KOSHER certifi­ed.

In addition to Hungary and its presence in large retail chains such as AUCHAN, ALDI, CBA, COOP, METRO, PENNY, REÁL, SPAR, TESCO, Pécsi Brewery has a presence in Taiwan, Finland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

Pécsi’s goal is to become a strong leader in Organic and Gluten-Free beer production.

Pecsi Beers


Pécsi beers are made from Hungarian and German malts with the addition of the finest European or American hops. The fermentation is done partly in open fermenters. This process lends the Premium and Craft brands a soft and elegant natural CO2 content and a rich, complex flavor. Pécsi beer is often characterized by its deeper, yellowish colours with a delicate, clean smell and full-bodied, long-lasting taste. Product categories:

  • Premium (Lager, Unfiltered Pils, Sour-Cherry, Wheat Beer, Brown, Gluten-Free)
  • Core Lagers
  • Craft APA
  • Radler (0,0% Non-Alcoholic, Lemon-Sour/Cherry-Elderflower)
  • Organic (Bio Lager, Bio Ale, Bio Weissbier, Bio Gluten-Free Lager)
  • Seasonal beers

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