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Pureco is an international company with several offices in Central Eastern Europe and with a presence in Asia and the Middle East through their projects. Pureco’s treatment units are equipped with the latest technological development: they operate via reverse osmosis technology and are installed after suitable pre-treatment steps. Making the technology available in a container means transportable, complex, easy to install solutions for purifying the dirtiest water of human consumption.

One of Pureco’s most innovative solution is called Rewater and refers to drinking water treatment container. Rewater is a containerized drinking water treatment unit ready to produce potable water even from wastewater, which is biologically treated. ReWater container won Water Innovation Award of Budapest Water Summit 2016 Expo.

Pureco’s Solutions include drinking water purification solutions like extraction of manganese, iron, ammonium, and arsenic from ground and surface water, drinking water production from treated wastewater, desalination special filtration systems, membrane technologies & disinfection treatment.

Also, they provide solutions for Wastewater treatment using Ion exchange technologies, Leachate treatment, Groundwater remediation, and Stormwater management.

Some of Pureco’s innovative latest projects are:

The Water-purification and service system construction in Vietnam (drinking water treatment plant/design and implementation/10,000 m3 /d, 2016)

The Municipal wastewater treatment plant in Bulgaria / 18,000 m3 /d, 2016)

The Industrial WWTP in Kiskunmajsa, Hungary (120-200 m3 /d, 2015)

The Leachate treatment in Oradea, Romania (120 m3 /d, 2015)

A Patented solution for rainwater treatment, Arad bypass highway construction work for water management – ENVIA TRP / 50 pieces between 60 and 225 l/s, 2012)

Pureco aims to develop partnerships with Greek associates for various water and wastewater treatment projects in Greece.

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