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The Hungarian Nobel Prize winner Biochemist, Albert Szent-Györgyi once said, “water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” Water is one of the earth’s most precious natural resources. Without suitable amounts of clean water, there can be no sustainable development. Without adequate amounts of safe drinking water and safe sanitation, there can be no sustainable peace. Bearing all this in mind, when we talk about water, we are talking about our common future.

Hungary has succeeded in reaping benefits from its geographical disadvantage through gaining a considerable degree of proficiency in the field of water management. It has developed significant expertise in water and sanitation management, supported by a strong academic and educational institutional framework. The work of Hungarian scientists and experts has gained recognition at the highest levels by the international community in the field of global water management. The development of technologies and solutions related to water engineering remains at the center of Hungary’s international development policy.  Featuring internationally the most modern and complete water management systems, Hungarian companies offer varied and integrated solutions that meet the most demanding environmental standards. As a result of the innovative development, industries associated with the field of waste processing in Hungary have acquired a new momentum and now represent a world-class standard.

Budapest Waterworks company, founded in 1868, is one of the most significant water supply utilities in the Central European region. Its core activities cut across the spectrum of water services to include potable water production, treatment, and distribution to more than 2 million people; as well as wastewater treatment, and all related services. Read More

Pureco is an international company with several offices in Central Eastern Europe and with a presence in Asia and the Middle East through their projects. Pureco’s treatment units are equipped with the latest technological development: they operate via reverse osmosis technology and are installed after suitable pre-treatment steps. Making the technology available in a container means transportable, complex, easy to install solutions for purifying the dirtiest water of human consumption. Read More

Creatiger company activities are primarily based around geosynthetic materials. Their BTL Geomembranes and innovative technologies provide long-lasting and cost-effective solutions. They focus on waterproofing installations, liner fabrication, and distribution. Read More


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