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Budapest Waterworks company, founded in 1868, is one of the most significant water supply utilities in the Central European region. Its core activities cut across the spectrum of water services to include potable water production, treatment, and distribution to more than 2 million people, as well as wastewater treatment, and all related services.

Budapest Waterworks has built a strong knowledge in both the design and construction of water supply and wastewater facilities, which is based on its practical operations knowledge and has applied in numerous internal investments. Their consulting services expand in areas such as utility company assessment, business planning, water quality control, network reconstruction planning (long-term investment plans), GIS planning and implementation, workflow monitoring and operation systems, technological process control, reducing the ratio of non-revenue water, customer service systems and revenue collection, workforce management, wastewater collection and treatment, no-dig pipe reconstruction.

They have developed mobile water purification systems, usable for shorter periods, in the event of a service failure or a natural disaster, and for longer periods providing smaller settlements, refugee camps with healthy drinking water.

Through the years Budapest Waterworks has been undergone major transformations, developing to internationally recognized regional company operating water and sewage systems, they share their experience in restructuring operations; implementation, integration, and development of cutting-edge technologies; construction projects, and in reorganization and process management of customer service processes and non-revenue water management.

The efficiency improvement and transformation projects that have already been implemented at Budapest Waterworks have paved the way to receive the Gold Standard for Utility Performance award and the title Member of the Leading Utilities of the World Network in 2017.

The company has provided complete corporate review services in several countries from China to Albania.

Main international projects:

Indonesia: Water treatment units (with a capacity of 72 m3/h or 144 m3/h) in 34 locations in the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.

Sri Lanka: Rehabilitation and expansion of two water treatment facilities supplying the capital city with potable water.

Azerbaijan: Introduction of an electric workforce management system, design and technical supervision of two potable water reservoirs, the introduction of an IT project together with the preparation of the ten-year IT strategy

Russia: Complete audit of the technical, economic and business activities

China (Feng-Xian Waterworks, Shanghai): Efficiency improvement audit of the Feng-Xian Waterworks (in the fields of water production, network operations, customer services, water quality).

IAWD – World Bank: With international partners, Budapest Waterworks, as a consultant, helped water utility companies in the West-Balkan region in setting up the business and long-term development plans focusing on customer services, revenue collection, and reduction of non-revenue water.

Budapest Waterworks aims to develop collaborations with Greek local companies and organizations for partnerships in international tenders in the fields of engineering, design, construction, and water supply consulting.

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