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Creatiger is a Hungarian company active in innovative Geosynthetic materials such as BTL Geomembranes. BTL ™ geomembrane is an insulating material new wave in waterproofing. It is a combination of thin HDPE fiber mesh and special coatings (RPE) reinforced polyethylene. BTL Geomembranes are used in waterproofing installations in the wider areas of Agriculture and recreational water containment  (artificial lakes, irrigation canals, lining ponds, irrigation ditches, fire water ponds or other agricultural water reservoirs),  the Petroleum Industry as several features of BTL™ geomembranes – the tensile/shear strength, abrasion/chemical resistance, and lightweight structure – provide exceptional advantages compared to other lining materials and also in infrastructure applications in civil engineering, reclamation, drainage system, stormwater reservoir, municipal water disposal, environmental projects, fire water storage or other water containment.

Over the past 30 years, BTL ™ has become a world leader in insulation. Today, nearly 4,500,000 m² of BTL ™ geomembrane is being installed annually. Their waterproofing foils make it the industry’s largest continuous panel that is durable and reliable, available in different thicknesses and coatings, while they include custom-made and composite insulating films that, due to their properties, provide solutions for specific applications.

The BTL Geomembranes have the strength of HDPE, the flexibility of EPDM (rubber liner) and the competitive price of soft PVC, they are a combination of a scrim woven of thin HDPE tapes and special coatings (RPE – reinforced polyethylene). Apart from their low cost, low weight and long life, they are manufactured in large single panels size (up to 4000-5000 sq.m. on a panel). This requires significantly less field welding, which accelerates the installation and reduces the need for manpower, while the installation is less exposed to weather, and soil conditions and overall costs are significantly reduced. They have high friction and hydrostatic resistance, high shear strength, resistance to a wide range of chemicals and UV while they are ecological: fish and plants friendly.

Creatiger is interested in partners who will distribute BTL Geomembranes in Greece but also associates who under the appropriate training will be able to install them.

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