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The COVID-19 pandemic and the new, urgent needs created by the global health crisis have led many healthcare companies to develop new, innovative healthcare solutions.

Many of the countries that already have a well-developed industry of health products and services, take methodical steps for the further development of this industry, trying to strengthen their trade relations with other countries. The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA), which is the official promoter of Hungarian companies, trying to mitigate the effects of the health crisis on the economy, has taken initiatives to develop cooperation between Greek and Hungarian companies in the health sector.

Hungary is one of the leading ecosystems for research and development of innovative health products and services. Health is a key pillar of the Hungarian economy. Especially in the fields of medical technologies and biotechnology, it has excellent know-how and experience that is widely recognized by the global market for over a century.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, HEPA strongly supports all companies and investors who want to explore new growth paths, through secure partnerships and diverse investment actions. That is why it presents and promotes the innovative health solutions that have been developed by Hungarian companies in the Greek market. These solutions are addressed to companies in the health sector, both in terms of healthcare and medical-technological equipment and in terms of hygiene in public and private spaces. Below are some indicative references to products and solutions:

COVID-19 Test and mobile laboratory unit

The COVID-19 mobile laboratory unit is the most innovative Hungarian solution for the pandemic. It has been developed by a rapidly evolving Hungarian medical-technological company. The unit consists of two independent portable containers fully equipped with the necessary laboratory equipment, which are able to process up to 1000 samples per day, with the possibility of uninterrupted operation 24/7. The unit is independent of urban infrastructure and allows rapid control of the population from possible COVID-19 infection. It is ideal for areas of high concentration of viral loads, such as airports, camps, schools, stadiums, hotels, or individual residential areas.

The same company offers the international market reliable and fast diagnostic tests for COVID-19 (RT-PCR-based) while continuing the research and development of new even faster virus detection tests.

Special hospital and laboratory equipment

Given that the global demand for hospital equipment, such as ventilators and ICU medical equipment in general, are at very high levels for a long time, various Hungarian companies have presented relevant solutions. These include portable ventilators for immediate respiratory assistance, as well as advanced ventilators for hospitals.

They have also developed and marketed hospital instruments with advanced technological features, such as the digital respirator calibrator, an instrument used to accurately measure the flow and pressure of oxygen, necessary for the proper operation of ventilators in any ICU.

With an emphasis on the diagnosis and proper management of COVID-19 in Greek healthcare facilities, the Hungarian healthcare industry has to offer a variety of measuring instruments that are manufactured and certified in the EU ready to directly support the Greek market. Among them:

  • NLR parameter blood analyzers – a factor that reveals the frequency of severe symptoms in patients diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Portable radiology units that are a key tool for assessing COVID-19-related lung complications.
  • Specialized medical waste sterilizers.
  • Artificial intelligence laboratory instruments for the complete monitoring and evaluation of renal health.
  • Smart dental accessories that protect against the transmission of the virus.
  • Smart hygiene solutions

HEPA has recorded, categorized, and presented all the solutions of the Hungarian health industry that can expand the range of health products and services and the Greek market through partnerships. Some of these applications are:

  • Hand scanner – a solution to reduce nosocomial infections that helps to effectively disinfect the hands.
  • Air disinfection device, which provides 99.9% protection against SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
  • Innovative photocatalytic system for disinfection of microbial load for any type of surface, which reduces the spread of epidemics, neutralizing germs.
  • Patented self-disinfecting wall and floor coverings that eliminate bacteria and viruses, being ideal for hospital and healthcare surfaces.
  • Specialized disinfectants chemicals for every industry, which eliminate microbiological risks.

And personal care and prevention products, such as:

  • Special microfiber masks and special anti-COVID-19 protection uniforms.
  • Dry salt inhalers that strengthen the respiratory system.
  • Preparations and dietary supplements that strengthen the immune system.

HEPA emphasizes industries with competitive advantages, helping to achieve strong business links and promoting the integration of business solutions of the Hungarian market in various other European and international markets.

This support is also offered in Greece, by the local HEPA office in Athens, through a comprehensive range of consulting services, aimed at companies from all sectors of the economy. The services provided by the Organization’s office in Athens include:

  • Investment, planning, and development consulting.
  • Search for partners.
  • Targeted meetings for entrepreneurs.
  • Integrated business process management.
  • Advisory on the institutional framework.

Contact details for the office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency in Athens:

HEPA Regional Office – Greece

Vas. Sofias 12, 10674, Athens

Τ. 210 7220150-151




Source: Kathimerini




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