Bercode is a Hungarian commercial company that developed an innovative IT platform and application, intended to serve community management organizations/individuals (chambers, NGOs, municipalities/cities, foundations, associations, influencers, stars, athletes, SMEs etc.) who want to show their community members a gesture or even added value to their existing services/merchandise in addition to their products. Furthermore, Bercode platform can be used for fee collection, member management and clearing platform for communities and their retail partners. It is developed to serve all organizations/individuals (customers, fans, inhabitants, supporters etc.) within a community, free of charge, within an organized, legally harmonized framework. Unlike traditional loyalty schemes, the Bercode platform allows an unlimited number of communities and their members to be eligible for immediate discounts at an unlimited number of acceptance points, even globally. This allows for its introduction and uses either at the national or international level.

The scope of use of the platform is almost unlimited, ranging from tourism, distribution of FMCG products, spurs of domestic demand, to merchandise products providing a discount for the fan camp of sports clubs and more.

The platform at this moment is available in English, Hungarian and Slovak languages and can be easily expanded upon demand. In Hungary, they currently provide the platform to more than 200 issuers and to 1,100 discount acceptance points (retailers). There is currently no service provider/platform in the (global) market that can serve both for-profit and non-profit organizations in such a complex scope and quality, and free of charge.

Bercode‘s goal is to develop partnerships with Greek representatives of chambers, cities, marketing agencies, celebrities, influencers, associations, sports clubs – organizations with large number of members/customers/followers.


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