Femtonics company founded in 2005, specializes in manufacturing two-photon laser scanning microscopes. The company provides the most innovative technologies, fitting a wide variety of in vivo and in vitro biological applications. They excel in combining the highest level of technology with a researcher’s scientific knowledge, background, experience, and long-term goals in the medical competitive market. Femtonics has won several prestigious grants and prizes and has been validated by groundbreaking scientific results while have resulted in 20 world records. Challenged by the new epidemic crisis of COVID-19, Femtonics developed three cutting-edge medical solutions that enable a better response to the coronavirus crisis and its current and future impact.

Mobile Laboratory For COVID-19 Testing and fast population screening

A mobile laboratory for fast COVID-19 Testing, independent of urban infrastructure and movable as it can be installed in almost any terrain like airports, hotels, football matches, concerts, workplaces, schools, universities, parcel delivery, public transport. With maximum capacity 1000 samples per day when expanded by additional modular units. It consists of one sample processing unit (Isolation lab) within an air-conditioned container (CN10) and one sample analyzing unit (PCR unit) within an air-conditioned container (CN10) and a plumbing unit. Read More

COVID-19 (RT-PCR based) diagnostic testing kit

Femtonics SARS-COV-2 diagnostic testing kit provides complete solution that enables easy identification of COVID-19 disease. It contains an ATM-1 sampling device, an AviRNA viral RNA extraction kit and a Cov2QuantTM SARS-Cov-2 Quantification kit. The ATM-1 sampling device immediately inactivates viruses hence enables safe handling and transportation of the specimen. Compared to past PCR methods Real-Time PCR enables fast real-time RNA detection, it is a quantitative and more precise method, while there is no need for post PCR detection methods. Read More

Furthermore, Femtonics is now developing a genetic and not antibody-based test, the Ultra-fast Digital Genetic Test for Sars-COV2 similar to and as reliable as the PCR method, but much faster. The test will  provide a diagnosis within 15 minutes (with an ultimate goal to reach 5-10 minutes), with minimal sample preparation required and with the ability to perform the test anywhere due to its portable digital device (the size of a key chain or mobile phone). The test is expected to be ready by the end of 2020.

Emergency Ventilator (LUCA)

The LUCA ventilator system is an invasive, fully enclosed ventilator developed for assist control ventilation, that can provide adequate support for patients during a period lasting from days to weeks. The device is compact, robust, standing or rolling on the floor, and can be placed close to the patient’s bed. Read More

Femtonics’ goal is to develop B2B collaborations with Greek Medical Technology Distribution Companies.

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