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innovative Bioplastic packaging materials, which can be composted together with food waste, were developed by Hungarian Bibo Franchise Kft. company, whose founder and research leader was the guest in the podcast of the former president of the Republic János Áder called Blue Planet, published on Tuesday, which can also be viewed on the most popular video sharing site.

András Juhász said that in his research and development work, which he started in 2011, he wanted to create sustainable solutions for the hospitality industry, products made of environmentally friendly and organic raw materials, mostly cleaning products.

As the company manager put it, in 2013 he realized that the so-called environmental footprint of the products is mostly made up of the packaging – about 70 percent – and that is why he started experimenting with bioplastics, and he and his team also started a research and development program.

After six years of work, they managed to develop the method, with the help of which they managed to package their cleaning products in 100% bioplastic in a unique way in the world – he said, adding that the improved version of this was the packaging material presented at this year’s Planet Budapest Expo, which is already used for food products, even also suitable for packaging soft drinks.

Source: Trade Magazine

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