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Hungarian Herend Porcelain develops exclusive hand-painted, luxurious dinnerware and figurines of porcelain. Distinguished for its top quality, hand painted by talented artisans who impress their creativeness with fancy combinations of colors that attach timelessness to their porcelain works of art. Herend products are available in 58 countries, used in palaces and displayed in museums since 1826 when the company was established in the town of Herend, west Hungary. Herend factory is the largest maker of hand-made porcelain in the world.

Queen Victoria (1851) dined with Herend porcelain dinnerware and had a big collection of them at Windsor Castle, while Princess Deena had the Herend Christmas decorations as top priority. Today Herend porcelain dinnerware and artistic figurines are sold in more than 350 luxury shops around the world, all certified by Herend.

Herend Products

  • Tableware: Sets, Bowls, tankards , Plates, Cups, mugs, glasses, Jugs, sugar bowls, Service
  • Figurines: Animal figures, Human figures, Other figures
  • Furnishing: Pot, candlestick, Bonbonniéres, Vases, Dishes, Various decorative ornaments, Tableau, Framed
  • Jewels

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