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The subsidiaries of the Hajdúsági Bakeries Group will be the first in Hungary to launch bakery products developed with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), the company’s CEO announced at a press conference in Debrecen (eastern Hungary). Tamás Szakács explained that according to their ethical principle, which was created in connection with the new technology, all important issues are decided by the people, and AI works within this framework. They have involved more than half a dozen AI platforms in their work: product ideas, specific recipes, technological aspects, marketing, communication, and creative elements (websites, visual, musical, and verbal solutions). He noted that the taste and product experience in the tests were exclusively human, hence he hopes that their AI-based products, soon available in stores, will be well received on the markets. As Szakács explained, three products have been developed so far using this method. One of them is a 400-gram loaf called Csevegő (“Chatter”), which is pre-baked and frozen before being delivered to stores, where it is finished on the spot.

The other two innovative products developed with AI, a sandwich base and a cake, will be launched as part of the “smart” Vitajó range of immune-supporting products,” the CEO pointed out. He indicated that at Hajdúsági Bakeries, AI is being put at the service of innovation to produce more modern, healthy, tasty products. To this end, he added, a sample plant for frozen products was recently set up with an investment of HUF 1 billion (EUR 2.6 million). The group, employing 380 people, had a turnover of HUF 11 billion (EUR 29 million) last year and expects to grow by half a billion (EUR 1.3 million) this year, Szakács concluded.

The application of AI in the evolving food retail sector is a sign to improve business and supply chain efficiency. These transformative technologies help food industry in a variety of retail segments through mechanisms. AI drives valuable contributions to food companies, including top-notch brands and entrepreneurial visionaries. For example, Nestlé and Nuritas use AI to identify proteins that enable production of healthy foods. Kraft Heinz is using AI to optimize and enhance its relationships with stores, sales reps, and consumers. Experts believe that AI-powered solutions built through AI software development will result in a drastic surge in operational excellence of businesses in the food industry.

Source: Hungary Today

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