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The concept of the automatic machine that refills spray deodorants was invented by two young Hungarians. The machines have so far been installed in three stores of the Rossmann drug store chain and will soon be available for use by customers.

Last Thursday the co-founders of Respray, Andor Réti and Gergely Zámbó presented their refill machine for spray deodorants at Rossmann in Budaörs, Hungary, reports. As this technology is not currently used anywhere else, the innovation could soon be known worldwide.

A greener solution

The unique solution is designed to address the fundamental problems of aluminum can deodorants. Not only does the product end up in the trash after the end of its lifecycle, but the harmful chemicals also remain on deodorant cans even after they are emptied. And, because they contain liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), they are considered hazardous waste. Therefore, these products are highly polluting.

The Respray refilling station in turn has a mitigated environmental impact. First of all, it fills the container with compressed air instead of hazardous LPG. By using compressed air propellants, around 78 percent of the CO2 emissions of conventional spray deodorants can be eliminated.

You can buy empty bottles in the shop, and one container can be refilled a total of 5 times. In addition, as customers only have to buy the bottle once, they pay less for refills than for a new bottle of deodorant. So not only does it promise to be a greener solution, but it is also more cost-effective for shoppers. The exact prices were also given at the event when asked by A bottle costs HUF 599 (EUR 1.53) for the first fill, and HUF 299 (EUR 0.77) for each additional fills. The refill station is currently only compatible with Rossmann’s own-brand product called Isana, and customers can choose from three fragrances.

How the refill station works

Once the empty bottle is purchased, the cap and nozzle must be removed. The machine itself recognizes the packaging and fills the bottle with the fragrance of the product the customer has chosen. A screen is then used to confirm the purchase. It is important to note that only bottles that are completely intact can be refilled. The filling of the bottle is absolutely safe as the process takes place behind plexiglass. Plus, it only takes a few minutes.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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