DETROP Exhibition -Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre18-20 February

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The Hungarian Export Promotion Agency office in Greece has the honor to invite you to the DETROP exhibition at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center on February 18-20, 2023. In the framework of the exhibition, 6 Hungarian companies will be presented.

ΒΟΜΒΑ!:The Hungarian company BOMBA! produces and distributes a wide range of energy drinks and is renowned for quality, the ability to produce specialized products as well as the production of traditional recipes. Over the years, BOMBA! Energy Drinks have received many international awards.
SNACK GARDEN:The Hungarian company SNACK GARDEN has been producing healthy snacks from vegetables and fruits since 2014. Their products are vegan, gluten-free and do not contain artificial colors and flavor enhancers.
ABO HOLDING:The Hungarian company ABO HOLDING produces high quality healthy snacks for all ages. Their product range includes snacks and crackers, rich in dietary fiber, free of gluten, GTO, soy and additional flavor enhancers. Suitable for athletes, children and people with lactose or gluten sensitivity.
ΒAKER STREET:The Hungarian company BAKER STREET produces and offers a special range of premium biscuits made from qualitative raw materials and traditional recipes of the Hungarian BALATONKENESE region.
ROYAL PATE:The Hungarian company ROYAL PATE recreates the Hungarian foie gras from goose liver offering to the international culinary culture, a luxurious food with long traditions.
CLEANNE:The Hungarian company CLEANNE develops and manufactures an innovative line of chemical-free cleaning products containing plant-based ingredients, natural extracts and water.
We are waiting for you at the DETROP exhibition, booth 15 stand C2, to get to know these outstanding Hungarian companies and possibly discover a promising business partnership.



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