CLEANNE is a Hungarian company, that develops and manufactures a versatile range of chemical-free cleaning products that contain only plant ingredients. Their cleaning agents consist of natural extracts and water, and as such, they represent nature itself.  CLEANNE products are chemical-free and do not foam, nor do they contain any additives to enable homogeneity. CLEANNE products provide superior cleaning efficiency, and along with the targeted impurities, biodegrade in a very short space of time. This process results in the formation of carbon dioxide and water. The CLEANNE formula has undergone various different tests. Wessling laboratory results prove that CLEANNE defeats bacteria, such as staphylococcus and e-coli, as well as fungi, such as black mould.  If a surface previously treated with CLEANNE becomes wet in a few days, the cleaning solution will immediately reactivate itself and start cleaning the surface until full biodegradation is achieved. Empirical evidence shows that cleaning with CLEANNE gives better and longer-lasting results without the use of aggressive chemicals. Because of the active plant ingredients, CLEANNE products are temperature-sensitive and must be kept above +5 degrees Celsius. Maximum efficiency is, however, achieved at a temperature between 40-60 degrees Celsius.


Product Characteristics
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • No irritative compounds
  • Non-hazardous formula
  • Spotless drying
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Human and environmentally friendly ingredients
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