Many educational institutions are buying 3D printers, in particular for engineering, science and visual arts courses.  More and more colleges and universities currently offer 3D
print coursework programs. These courses offer students the necessary skills needed for the creation of 3D computer models. They begin the course by learning basic computer modeling techniques, and this progresses to the students developing their own prototypes. It is particularly important in education, where research students can translate their designs into physical objects.

Advantages of 3D Printing

PROMOTES ACTIVE LEARNING: Students create intricate products they can touch, study, and take home to use.

ENCOURAGES CREATIVE THINKING: Being able to try new things, test theories, and think more creatively enhances the learning process.

IMPROVES STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Illustrate and demonstrate difficult concepts while enhancing engagement through interactive learning.

ENGAGES RELUCTANT LEARNERS: The “wow factor” excites the most reluctant students, generating enthusiasm and engagement.

STIMULATES IMAGINATIONS: Empower the imagination with the ability to turn their ideas into real, physical 3D objects!

DEMYSTIFIES ENGINEERING: Offer reachable aspirations through an entry point to technical fields to help break down barriers to STEM and open a new world of career possibilities.

The Hungarian solution

Craftbot is a Hungarian company that manufactures innovative 3D printers. Since 2014, the company has developed over ten 3D printer modes and has sold more than 10,000 units worldwide, earning a place among the top 3D printer manufacturers in the world. In Greece, their official representative is the company 3D Hub.

Special features of Craftbot 3D Printer

GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: In 2016, CraftBot was rated “The best budget 3D printer” in the most comprehensive 3D Printer Guide published by 3D Hubs.

PLUG ‘N’ PLAY DEVICE: CraftBot can be set up for operation without in-depth specialist knowledge. In 2017 and 2018, CraftBot was rated “The best Plug ’N’ Play 3D printer” in 3D Hubs’ annual guide.

THE TANK: That’s how users call it as CraftBot Plus Pro is unquestionably a very reliable, lasting 3D printer. It also has a brazed all-steel frame and plexiglass sidewalls for safety printing.

PRINT PAUSE & RESUME: You can pause or resume printing and change the filament at any time.

PRINTING ACCURACY: CraftBot Plus Pro is capable of 50 micron/layer resolution (with 0.25 mm nozzle) providing excellent print quality.

COLOR LCD TOUCHSCREEN: CraftBot has an easy-to-use interface that children can quickly learn to use. Users are in full control of the printing process and get constant feedback.

CRAFTWARE: Universal, advanced 3D printer software with a user-friendly graphical interface. Its advanced slicing algorithm ensures faster conversions and better results.

HEATABLE & REMOVABLE BUILD PLATFORM: Heating prevents warping and sticking. A removable build platform easier to clean.

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