One of the eternal issues of a big city is the traffic. This is no different in Budapest. In a new consortium, Gamax Ltd. tries to find a new, modern solution to the problem, MTI has been informed. According to Portfolio, Gamax Ltd. will team up with Racionet and the Department of Networked Systems and Services of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to create a modern urban traffic management system.

This cooperation aims to design a system where the flow of traffic can be accessed and actively modified from a command centre far away from the noise and clutter of the traffic itself. They would like to be able to change traffic lights, if necessary, in order to mitigate the traffic jams in the rush hours both in the morning and late afternoon.

They would also like to develop a mobile application for drivers. This way, the drivers could get notified immediately if there is a better or faster way available. This is a huge endeavour, as such an idea requires a lot of programming and planning to be realised. The idea is great, and the app could also help mitigate traffic jams by helping people reach their destination by following the development of traffic in real-time or even by communicating between the app users.

There certainly lies a great opportunity in the idea, which is why it received support from the Hungarian government or, more precisely, won the competitiveness and excellence collaboration program of the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office. To realise the project, the Office gave HUF 1.456 billion (€3.9 million) support. The estimated overall cost of the project would be HUF 2.371 billion (€6.5 million).

The consortium aims to become marketable both domestically in Hungary and in other countries abroad. The finished product will take advantage of the most modern AI algorithms and machine learning methods to maximise its capabilities.

Source: Daily News Hungary

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