In the 2nd international BEYOND Expo that will take place at Thessaloniki’s International Exhibition & Convention Center from September 29 to October 1, 2022, the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) will have the honor of hosting the Hungarian ICT company MOON42:

MOON42 is a Software Development company, activated in Research, Development & Innovation arena with consulting IT support in general. They provide mobile fieldback data collection and query solutions, bespoke software development, Agritech, Environmental, Business and new generation mobile commerce solutions. Moon42 has synergies and presence in multiple projects in Sweden, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Egypt, UK ,France, Italy, USA and many other countries.

Agritech solutions

moon42 smart farming drone solution

Smart Farm 42: Sensorial and third-party data integration with image processing, for Precision agriculture. With AI-supported early warning capacities, automated workflows, automated drone operation and modular software to secure custom use.

Drone Sensory Solutions: Automatic flight planning, picture analyses, and communication channels to manage crop

Terra Lab solution: Soil Chemistry Laboratory Software

Digital Educational solutions

moon42 learning platform

  1. Full e-learning framework Revo-ED: MOON42’s first educational solution was a full e-learning framework and ecosystem named LeOn (Learning Online), first released in 2001 with all international standards covered (SCORM, and the LMS)  it was a very modern asynchronous e-learning system. Later they extended it with a curriculum editor based on a brand new approach (its name was LeOn Editor). The curricula had different approaches based on learning habits. Some people prefer short parts, more pictures, and video content while others like to sit a long time and prefer reading texts. The system was able to discover the different habits so the content editor could adapt to the users’ needs.
  2. Webydoo: Storyboard creator application for the schools and for teaching schools.
  3. 1000 Motives: Console touchscreen and web application for the Hungarian Ethnography Museum based on the motives of the Museum of Ethnography.


Environmental Solutions


WATERGUARD Water loss calculation software: Topological model of a supplier’s water network Workflow-based approach that provides an extensive report. Possibility to configure a vast number of parameters Model and validate practically any (virtual) application scenario.

MOON42 Waste ManagementEnergy Recovery System: It is a patented innovation that is capable of cleaning the environment in a sustainable way, turning waste into money and more. Through the Energy recovery system, no poisonous material is generated. Approx. 90% of the input waste is turned back into energy, and the remaining material is environmentally neutral.


Business Solutions


HELISION Agile Problem Modelling and Decision Support Tool: An agile modeling software to support complex organizations in multi-criteria, multi-stakeholder decision making. The MVP is ready and had been launched in the city planning and operations domain by piloting in Vienna and Stockholm.

MONDE Media Mobile Commercial Solutions: Gaming platform, Music- and Video platforms, Next generation payment platform and many other specific and thematic solutions, that are in use at the large telcos (O2 DE, TIM, Vodafone DE, ES, SA, Swisscom).

MOIA Mobile Taxi application: Next-generation taxi solution with virtual stops close to the place you want to go.  Cheap car-pooling combined with Uber-like solution.

FIELDBACK Mobile Data Gathering: An Intelligent and Dynamic Business Booster, a complex application and BO system for field agents, by which several routines can be recorded and followed up on a daily basis. Development logic can be used in other fields of economy, i.e. polls, transport, healthcare, etc.

ONAIR Concert Streaming Platform: Online streaming & Virtual Concert Room

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